Clean, geometric, luminous forms. The Novato family of LED lighting fistures provides functional lighting coupled with a pleasing architectural aesthetic.

The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ is a lighting system integrated into T-Bars for suspended ceilings, using the most powerful LEDs available on the market.

R.L. Vanstory Company is excited to announce a new addition to our family of manufacturer representation.

OCL Architectural Lighting – Introduces the Color Changing Loop

Scott Architectural Lighting – Simple Elegance Superior Illumination

PEACHTREE Lighting – Sliver Offers New Form for Ambient LED

Since the inception of the R.L. Vanstory Company agency in 1977, we have grown to become a significant influence in the lighting industry for central North Carolina. Join us as we embrace the evolution of the lighting industry and stay up to date on the latest state of the art lighting and controls technologies.

-Sincerely R.L. Vanstory

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